The very nature of Search & Rescue operations requires communications to work at any time, on any network, and for some teams anywhere in the world. S&R teams using the Base Camp Connect portable command center integrate a myriad of products that are specific to their operations, like directional Wi-Fi antennas and 360 degrees rescue cameras. These are all examples of job-specific products that can be integrated with the Base Camp Connect.


Mobility From carry-on cases to 2-man-portable systems, the Base Camp Connect range of products are all made to fit easily in our customers’ trucks and trailers but are small enough to fit in the trunk of a car should need be. Plus, incorporated rugged long-range cordless phones/2-way radios on the S&R systems make it easier for Joint Rescue Coordination. With a range of 250,000 Sq. Ft. and 12 floors, this increases the reach of the S&R team in ways that radios cannot. 


Adaptability All teams have a cache that is slightly different, with different gear they want to connect to the main communications hub. We’ve built our systems to incorporate almost any gear that S&R teams have without issue. We also thought of every possible communication backhaul network we could have our units connected to.


Ease-of-use We believe communication systems should be simple to operate without complex training. When deployed, teams don’t have time to configure setups in order to operate. We built the Base Camp Connect so that it’s plug-and-play in the field, within 5 minutes, with minimal training.

From a 2-man team to a 50-man team, the Base Camp Connect covers your communications with a wide range of tools, additions to your current gear and options that can be added now or in time as your needs and equipment changes.


With the ability to function around the world, the Base Camp Connect portable command center will cover your needs for both local, regional, national and international operations you are called at.

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