Public Safety Communications

Base Camp Connect is for emergency managers who can’t afford communication failures when an incident happens, no matter how remote the scene, who shows up to help or which infrastructure is down.


BCC has a single inbound number regardless of available networksRead More


BCC provides users a wireless or cabled Internet access without any interruption (drone, camera feed, messaging, etc.)Read More

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Interconnect several agency networks without any configuration or computer.Read More


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Public Safety Communication Systems

Whether you are looking to equip a Mobile Command Post, find a backup for an EOC or a 911 center, or just looking for a flexible communications solution, we have something for you in the Base Camp product lineup

rapid deploy kit


Highly portable, the BCC-LITE allows you to interconnect 2 agencies and provide a local area network to 5 people.

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The Base Camp Connect supports medium and large teams and allows you to interconnect 5 radio networks

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When developing the Base Camp Connect, we addressed the most common, unanswered wish from Emergency Managers: to have a unified communication tool that anyone can use, at any time, even if their mobile command vehicle is unavailable, that can patch in other agencies, and that can work even when infrastructure is down.

The Base Camp Connect answers their wish in a simple-to-use go-kit: it deploys and effectively creates a local area network in 5 minutes flat to allow incident responders to communicate almost instantly.

It provides a simple radio interoperability tool that doesn’t need complex training; it monitors and manages networks to automatically connect to what’s available, from landlines to Satellite dishes; it is compatible with all existing equipment carried by agencies; last but not least, it is highly portable.


What our customers say about Base Camp Connect

rapidly deployable communications

Solving the Interoperability Headache

Cheshire County Sheriff’s Office, located in New-Hampshire, US., answers more than 47,000 calls annually. They serve a community of 75,000 people in an area that covers over 7,000 square miles divided into 23 towns.

public safety communications

Sheriff's Office Mobile Communication Trailer

Frank Hanousek, Lieutenant of the Communications Division at Marathon County Sheriff’s Office, had the task to find a communication solution to integrate into their Mobile Communication Trailer.

Base Camp Connect empowers emergency managers by proposing communications go-kit that are simple to use, portable, configurable, and that doesn’t require training to operate them.


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