Built for advanced Command and Control operations, our Base Camp Connect MIL units are designed with Joint Command & Coalition Missions in mind, enabling disparate systems to work together in secured environments. Using the best available COTS we build low Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) solutions that include a robust radio interoperability module, automatic network monitoring, and management and voice/data systems working on a variety of backhaul networks.


Portability.  From 10 Lbs to 110 Lbs, our range of Military C2 Communications kits are self-contained, highly portable and replace larger, bulkier systems to allow better operational flexibility.


Ease of use. The Base Camp Connect requires minimal training to connect and operate compared to similar systems. It is resilient to hard shutdowns and reboots in minutes, key issues in rapid-deployment operations.


Interoperability.  The Base Camp Connect is built for coalition interoperability. For example, it bridges up to 5 different radio systems together in both clear and encrypted mode, without managing encryption keys – solving a major problem for joint/coalition operations.

Fully Customizable Systems

Each BCC-MIL system is built to order and integrates already specified components from Military customers. Command and Control capabilities enhancement is what we’re after, not equipment replacement.

Secure Communications

By integrating the Redcom Secure Client in its military C2 communications solutions, Base Camp Connect bridges the worlds of radio, telephony and IT by providing the means for seamless secure communications in an increasingly mobile and web-centric world.

The REDCOM Secure Client has features and capabilities particularly useful for military users. REDCOM’s Secure Client for Windows is the only softphone on the DISA Approved Products List (APL). The software also features support for industry-standard Multi-Level Precedence and Pre-emption (MLPP), including call forwarding and call transfer, to ensure that the most important calls get through during crisis situations.

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