Communications with Coalition Collaboration built-in

The BCC-MIL is a custom-made communications system for Joint Coalition Missions. Using the Core Base Camp Connect technology, we stack up additional features that are Military-specific, like List-approved network switches to connect to the local secured network.

With the ability to interconnect up to 5 encrypted radio systems together in 2 talk groups, the Base Camp Connect allows Coalition operations to run in secure mode, without the risks associated with clear-mode communications. Running the unit on a secured network allows the interconnection of the phone system to the radios.

military communications BCC-MIL

BCC-MIL Features


Deskphones, tactical phones, rugged DECT or long-range cordless phones, The options are wide.

Radio Interoperability

5-radio interoperability unit with handset & speaker port for in-theatre encrypted-to-encrypted communications, without sharing keys.


Run the brigade operation using the BCC-MIL, up to 128 users.


70W + up to 370 PoE budget power consumption, built-in UPS, 110 Lbs, custom-made for each customer.

Portable Command & Control

Scalable and resilient to hard shutdowns, the BCC-MIL can also be delivered with a FirstNet-ready router for customers using it for National emergency use and collaboration with local Public Safety organizations.

It can operate within a secured network, on legacy networks like landlines & 2G cellular phone networks, on MILSAT systems, and many others.

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