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Interagency Unified Communications

The BCC-MIL is a custom-made communications system for Joint Coalition Missions. Using the Core Base Camp Connect technology that integrates voice, data and radio interoperability, additional features are added. For example, List-approved network switches for local secured networks connection are an easy add-on. Also, more specific equipment can be connected to the BCC-MIL for added security. Secure phones allowing classified information to be transmitted over commercial networks are a good example.

The BCC-MIL was created for Domestic Operations (DOMOPS) carried out by the Military for Disaster Relief operations. Portable, versatile, and working with their current gear makes it easier to integrate into an equipment list. The BCC-MIL provides an interagency unified communications hub for times when commercial and public safety networks are damaged.


BCC-MIL Features


Deskphones, tactical phones, rugged DECT or long-range cordless phones, The options are wide.

Radio Interoperability

5-radio interoperability unit with handset & speaker port for in-theatre encrypted-to-encrypted communications, without sharing keys.


Run the brigade operation using the BCC-MIL, up to 128 users.


70W + up to 370 PoE budget power consumption, built-in UPS, 110 Lbs, custom-made for each customer.

Portable Command & Control

With the ability to interconnect up to 5 encrypted radio systems together in 2 talk groups, the Base Camp Connect allows interagency operations to run instantly, allowing for quick coordination and intervention in the field. The portable Command and Control unit also bridges its phone system to the radio talk groups, allowing the Operator to transfer incoming calls to radios when appropriate.

Scalable and resilient to hard shutdowns, the BCC-MIL interagency unified communications device is either delivered with a standard 2-SIM card router or a FirstNet-ready 4-SIM card router for customers subscribing to the service. Additional router options are also available, increasing data speeds and security.

The BCC-MIL operates within a secured network but also on legacy networks like landlines & 2G cellular phone networks, on MILSAT networks, and many others.

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