BCC-MICRO tactical voice bridge
Made in Canada

Maximum Ruggedness, Portability and Flexibility in the Field

Designed to meet MIL standards, the BCC-Micro is a 5-port tactical voice bridge combined with a rugged PC embedded, carrying a softphone application. For Public Safety applications, this allows users to effectively bridge the radio interface with a Softphone for extended capabilities. It also allows users to talk from any device (cellphone, tablet or computer) to radios using their softphone application.

For added features and security, we replace the standard Softphone application by the REDCOM Sigma® software, providing a robust and flexible Expeditionary Communi­cations platform that can be deployed in public, private, and hybrid cloud envi­ronments, bridging radio and secured IP networks. This add-on also allows secure PTT over cellphone, a feature that is asked more and more by customers as multiple devices are brought on the scene.


BCC-MICRO Features

Security & Encryption

Full MLPP support, DISA security templates & JTIC-certified

5-Radio Gateway

Compatible with all Military and Public Safety/Commercial radios to talk in clear and encrypted mode.

Unified Communications Software

Sigma® offers a comprehensive set of UC functions for the defense industry inclu­ding VoIP, video, conferencing, unified messaging, voice mail, and enterprise features.


12v DC input, 10 Lbs, internal pouches for handset & cables.

Tactical Voice Bridge

Built on Solid Ground

The BCC- Micro Tactical Voice Bridge allows up to 5 radio systems to be connected simultaneously. The radios can be all on the same communication or separated in 2 talk groups. Moreover, up to 150 registered IP subscribers can be patched into the talk groups, using REDCOM’s Sigma® software.

The BCC-Micro is frequency and radio agnostic. This means cross-band, cross-platform and cross-encryption are possible in a very simple manner.

This REDCOM-equipped Expeditionary communications kit offers a comprehensive set of UC functions for the defence industry including VoIP, video, conferencing, MLPP with presence, unified messaging, voice mail and enterprise features.

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