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Rapid-Deploy kit for Mission-Critical Communications

Our smallest full-featured unit for teams on the move.

The BCC-LITE mission-critical communications kit is built for small teams of 2-10 people. With a small SWaP (size, weight & power), our quick-deploy interoperability solution offers voice & data, as well as a radio gateway. Weighing only 34 lbs with the internal battery option, the BCC-LITE is not only lightweight but also autonomous up to 2 hours.

The BCC-LITE is available with a FirstNet-ready router. It can be used both as an emergency portable unit as well as a tactical unit.

BCC-LITE quick-deploy interoperability solution

BCC-LITE Features


1 desktop & 4 rugged cordless phones operating on legacy, cellular, IP and SAT networks 


Options of dual-SIM card router with failover or FirstNet-ready 4-SIM router 

Radio Interoperability

2-port gateway with handset and speaker port, linked to the phone system 


25W Power consumption, optional battery, 36 Lbs

Mission-Critical Communications

Networks are unpredictable during a major emergency like an Earthquake or Floods. Consequently, autonomous systems are needed to ensure continuity of operations. To palliate network outages, the BCC-LITE Quick-Deploy interoperability solution connects to any available network. Further, it manages network priorities, redundancy and failover automatically. The basic goal is to ensure you keep communications going even when though backhaul networks get tricky.

The BCC-LITE Mission-Critical Communications solution operates on a vast range of networks. From legacy networks like landlines & 2G cellular networks as well as modern SAT, mesh & Microwave, as well as LTE public/private networks, all are possible.

Bridging the gap between phone and radio systems, the BCC-LITE allows call-in transfers to make phone-to-radio conversations a real possibility.

map to show where our portable communications solutions can be used

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