Each Base Camp Connect Emergency communications go-kits is equipped with a phone system that has a unique single inbound number. In 5 minutes flat, without training, the Base Camp Connect boots up to ensure continuity by automatically connecting you to available networks.

Single Inbound Number

The single inbound number allows the chain of command to reach the team on the ground regardless of the backhaul network they are using. This not only increases operational efficiency of the operations but ensures also constant communications when networks fail or are unpredictable.


No need to replace current extensions, each Base Camp Connect is built to order to incorporate current equipment (cordless / IP / Digital / Analog phones, radios and softphones) based on each customer’s needs.

Classified units of the BCC-MIL have an additional physical unit added: the Redcom Slice 2100. The REDCOM SLICE is a purpose-built call and session controllers designed to meet the low-SWaP, deployable communications requirements of military and defense organizations. It is designed to be fully scalable between both tactical and strategic networks and delivers maximum interoperability between multiple interfaces and protocols including SIP, AS-SIP, Secure Devices, V.150.1, GSM, Radio, SATCOM, ISDN PRI, Euro PRI, IPv4, IPv6, and Magneto.

REDCOM’s SLICE platforms have been fully tested and certified as Local Session Controllers by the Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) and are listed on the DISA Approved Products List.