Mission Critical Voice

When a crisis situation occurs, several emergency services with different communication systems have to work together (fire department, police department, sheriff, public safety, National Defence, NGOs, etc.). Our system interconnect all these responders without any technical assistance.

Base Camp Connect uses existing and available networks (landline, cellular, radio and satellite) to provide voice to up to 128 users in a five minute setup.

mission critical voice

Single Inbound Number

single inbound numberwhite

The single inbound number allows all the first responders on an emergency to communicate together without knowing the number of every responder, which greatly increases the efficiency of the operation.


mission critical voice

-Interconnect BCC to the traditional landline network.

-Rarely used in Emergency Measures. It will be the only time where you will need a technician.

-Connect Iridium and Star phones.

Mobile Networks

mission critical voice

-Up to 20 SIM cards.

-Priority on the Voice – It’s not VoIP.

-Works with the majority of mobile networks.

Radio Interoperability

mission critical voice

-Trunking, digital, TETRA, P25, UHF, VHF, HF.

-Up to 4 Talk Groups

-Seamlessly Connect Any Radios


mission critical voice

-Fixed satellite dish.

-Auto-deployable satellite dish: Vehicle mounted or transportable


No need to replace your extensions (cordless / IP / Digital / Analog phones, radios and softphones)  because we configure Base Camp Connect according to your technologies and needs.

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