Technologies that are going to revolutionize emergency measures

Mobile Communication System

Two years ago, the Canadian company TelFlex Technologie Inc. created the first turnkey mobile communication system. In other words, different types of communication technologies are integrated into the system (Mobile Networks, Traditional Landlines, Satellite Connection, Radio and VoIP) which guarantees an access to communication even in major events (natural disasters, broken cellular tower, overloaded mobile network, no traditional landline or mobile network available, etc.).

Several organizations now rely on this technology to ensure their communications in different situations. The province of Quebec used it for their elections, the Canadian National Defense also used the system for their exercises held in remote areas ( and recently Bell Canada bought one to ensures their communications in situations where their own network would become unavailable (like in the tragedy of Lac Megantic for example).

The major advantage of this technology for emergency measures is that it only takes minutes to install without any technical assistance. Once installes, stakeholders obtain an entire telephone system and an Internet Connection.

Moreover, the system has a single inbound number which allows all the first responders on an emergency to communicate together without knowing the number of every responder, which greatly increases the efficiency of the operation.

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Illuminating Concept and its project of intelligent streets

The primary goal of this technology is to communicate with the population through the streetlights of the municipality. Assuming that there would be an emergency situation (flood, terrorist attack, fire, etc.), it would be possible to communicate the information regarding traffic and/or evacuation plan through the speakers fixed on the streetlights.

These futurist streetlights integrate several functions such as WiFi, audio and video communication, which let us think that there’s plenty of possibilities for the emergency services. For the first responders, Intellistreet represents a major technological advance because it could allow stakeholders to receive real-time information regarding the state of a situation through cameras. These streetlights would also have water detectors that would allow the reception of additional information in case of a flood.

The functionalities of this type of technology goes far beyond emergency measures only. A digital screen fixed on the streetlight could transmit information regarding traffic, different kind of announcements such as AMBER Alert or even broadcast publicity. From several point of view, this technology looks like a “Big Brother’’, but we can’t deny all the benefits that it could bring for emergency measures.

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Base Camp Connect empowers emergency managers by proposing communications go-kit that are simple to use, portable, configurable, and that doesn’t require training to operate them.


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