Army to support health system during COVID-19 pandemic

Canadian Soldiers in CHSLDs in Montreal

Base Camp Connect Deployed CHSLDs for COVID19

With the COVID-19 pandemic, the CHSLDs have been struggling to take care of sick patients. Soldiers from the Canadian Department of Defense have been relocated to different CHSLDs in Montreal to provide help.

This picture was taken at the Royal Canadian Hussars, where Task Force 2.1 of the 34th Groupe Battalion Territorial of Montreal supports the deployment of soldiers in different CHSLDs in the Montreal region in support of the Ministry of Health of the Government of Quebec.

A Base Camp Connect unit is used to allow communications between the soldiers and their superiors. To easily communicate and to not overwhelm the CHSLDs existing phone network, the soldiers have been using long-range phones. With their phones connected to the BCC, they can get in touch with their superiors wherever they are located, without complex configurations.

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