Carrying case Carrying case Quantity Notes
Ruggedized carrying case with shocks
Device’s carrying case
Trunks Trunks technology Quantity Notes
3G The fastest way to be up and running. We can work on almost all service providers.
Satellite capabilities Provides the largest coverage in a remote area (Satellite not included).
IP Allows to use an Internet service as a service provider. Also allows operation with a satellite service.
Landline For long periods where the service is available nearby. Our system can function with an analog or digital line.
Voicemail Auto-Attendance Up to 512 voicemails, 16 channels,mailboxes for individual users and email notifications.
Trunks Extensions Quantity Notes
Digital Key Phone(Console) Used as a console for the operator. Allows to see the busy lines and extensions. 16 programmable keys.
IP Phone 4.3" Capacitive Touch Screen Display, HD Audio & Speaker Phone, WLAN Ready and Power over Ethernet
DECT Cordless phone
  • Talk time (5 hours)
  • DECT radio technology
  • 2.1’’ Large LCD with blacklight on cordless handset
Ruggedized DECT cordless phone
  • Button for SOS Emergency call
  • Encryption of communication
  • Featuring an IP65 rated enclosure that offers complete protection against dust and water spray
Long range cordless phone Up to 4km (2,5 miles), 12 floors and 250 000 sq.ft. of facility coverage
Cellular signal booster 3 watt amp, + 50dB
Battery Backup (UPS) Allows between 20 and 45 minutes of autonomy (500 watt)
4G WiFi Router
  • Allows a wireless Internet access up to 15 users.
  • Load balancing
  • Fallback
4G Dual SIM Router Rugged, enterprise-class cellular routers with advances dynamic routing, security and firewall features.Load Balancing
Satellites dish Types of satellite dish Quantity Notes
Fixed satellite dish (building)
Auto-deployable dish (vehicle mounted)
  • Ka-75V Drive-Away Antenna is a 75cm auto-acquire satellite antenna system.
  • It can be mounted on the roof of a vehicle for direct broadband access over any configured satellite.
Transportable auto-deployable satellite dish
  • It’s a 75 cm satellite antenna system which is a highly portable, self-pointing, auto-acquire unit.
  • It can be assembled in 10 minutes by one person
BCC-RI (Radio-Interoperability)
  • From 2 to 10 radio bridges.
  • Up to 4 talk Groups
  • Interoperable communications between 100Mhz, 800Mhz, UHF, VHF, VoIP devices and Tetra
  • No technician required
In-Building/Below Surface Grade Repeater System
  • Address poor RF propagation
  • Come in 250' or 500'
Wireless Access Nodes Creates 1400’ circle of WiFi coverage with mesh connectivity to others APs up to 1 mile away.