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Base Camp Connect officially launches its fully interoperable Radio/Data/Voice portable communication system for Emergency Management


QUÉBEC, Feb. 22, 2016 – Base Camp Connect officially launched its mobile communication system. According to the VP Sales Francis Raveneau «BCC is the only transportable, user-deployable communication system making true interoperability possible between existing voice, data and radio equipment/technology in a 5 minute setup».


Emergency services (Fire/Police Department, Sheriff, County, etc.) already use the system in their mobile command post, advanced command post and as a backup communication system.


The CEO, Jean-Philippe Grondin claims ”We are very proud to officially launch our system on the market after 3 years of discussion with the industry, R&D and numerous field test to finally achieve a product that answer to the emergency manager needs’’.


BCC uses available communication networks (landline, cellular and satellite) to provide voice and data to up to 128 users. The system also has a single inbound number that allows first responders on an emergency to communicate together without knowing the number of every responder, which greatly increases the efficiency of the operation.


The mobile communication system also offers a radio interoperability gateway that is simple and easy to use without any technical assistance. The gateway provides a bridge between up to 10 radio networks with otherwise incompatible radios. The radio can also be connected to a telephone system to become an extension which allows the outside world to contact responders on the field. Thus, it eliminates communication silos between radios and telephones when needed.


Base Camp Connect is customizable to answer the specific needs of every client (call recording, server, etc.)


In the case of FirstNet and unified communication trends, we are able to quickly interconnect people without changing their communication systems.


About Telflex Technologie

Base Camp Connect, by Telflex Technologie, is a Mobile Communication System intended to the Emergency Services, National Defence and Temporary Offices. We offer our products across North America and Europe via direct sales and partners.

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Francis Raveneau – VP Sales

Office : 1-855-900-3539 #2004

Cell: (418) 254-6544

Base Camp Connect empowers emergency managers by proposing communications go-kit that are simple to use, portable, configurable, and that doesn’t require training to operate them.


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