mobile hopsital built by the canadian red cross for covid 19
Canadian Red Cross to support during COViD-19 pandemic

Mobile Hospital in Montreal

COVID-19 has been putting hospitals, governments and citizens to test and forced them to be quick and innovative in their ways of handling the crisis. For hospitals, it has been a tough challenge to provide space and care for the people in need. This is why the Canadian Red Cross has deployed a mobile hospital in a local arena to support the CIUSSS de l’Ouest de-de-l’île-de-Montréal. The mobile hospital will allow the remote personnel to provide special care to 40 patients.

General Concept explained in 2 minutes


Mobile hospitals and other temporary deployments in times of crisis are usually built in large spaces where no communication infrastructures are available This means that the personnel on scene need to communicate with their personal cellphones. That isn’t all bad, as they probably all know their employer’s phone number.   

For the hospital staff, however, keeping a list of all the cellphone numbers of the remote staff during all the different shifts Is a waste of time and resources during a crisis, and is highly impractical.

A system like the Base Camp Connect, with its single inbound number, recreates the exact same network the staff is used to in the hospital. The system also manages the networks, so no staff member has to be in charge of the system. This allows them to concentrate on the patients and not on the communications.

This makes it incredibly easy and intuitive to communicate between the main staff and the remote staff for things like the developments happening during the day, the supplies replenishment, among other things.  

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