Deployable Communications - Base Camp Connect

Operating Principle

The concept behind every Base Camp Connect is to have an operational communications unit within minutes so the team can concentrate on doing their job. All our products are built to allow continuity of operations and incorporate the principles of quick-deployment, simplicity, ease of use and collaboration in multi-tier operations.  

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BCC provides a telephone system with a single inbound number.

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Wireless or cable Internet access to users without any interruption.

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Interconnect several agency networks without the need of a technician.

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Single Inbound Number

Working on all networks

Radio Interoperability

Instantly connect up to five frequencies

5-minute Up-time

Resilient to hard shutdowns

Low SWaP

Portable, battery-operated, no training needed

24/7 Support

From anywhere in the world

Network Automation & Failover

Multiple redundancy for continuous use
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Base Camp Connect Products


Encrypted communications between PTT gateway and softphones.

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BCC-LITE Tactical communication radios

Our smallest full-featured Rapid-Deploy kit with up to 8 hours autonomy.

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BCC-EM rackmount deployable communications solutions

For Mobile Command Posts, Emergency Operations Center & 911 backup.

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BCC-MIL deployable communications solutions

Rugged, MIL-spec Interoperability platform for non-classified use.

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Automated failover router on bcc-em

Full interoperability at the tactical edge for Joint Coalition Missions.

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Deployable Communications Comparative Table

At A Glance

Carrying CaseRugged Pelican CaseRugged Pelican CaseRugged Pelican CaseRugged Rackmount CaseRugged Military Rackmount Case
Weight10 pounds20 pounds30 pounds100 pounds115 pounds
Battery Backup--YesUPSUPS
3G Signal Booster--Optional11


Radio Interface5 Ports / Handset / Speaker port5 Ports / Handset / Speaker port2 Ports / Handset / Speaker port5 Ports / Handset / Speaker port5 Ports / Handset / Speaker port
Radio Interface Cables Included55255
Talk Groups22-22


Digital Key Phone11111
DECT Ruggedized Cordless Phone--4810
Long Range Cordless Phone---Optional8
*Additional Phones Optional


LTE Broadband Router DUAL SIM (Fallback)-111-
LTE Broadband Router DUAL SIM / DUAL modem (Load Balancing)---Optional1
Compact Ruggedized Fanless Server11---
Number of Simultaneous Users1001006464 / 128128
DATA Antenna (2x LTE / 2x WiFi)-YesYesYesYes


Mobile Trunks--4 HSPA4 HSPA + 2 Verizon or 8 HSPA8 HSPA
Landline Trunks (Sat Phone)--222
Analog Extensions--333
Digital Extensions-2222
SIP Extensions10010051525
Satellite CapabilityIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded