Data transmission & reception is mission critical for public safety to improve disaster response and recovery efforts, and for the military for critical information access while in operation. From maximal capability to mobile small form factor needs, Base Camp Connect has both options available.

With public safety users, reserved LTE Band 14 networks will be the norm in many countries soon. The United States was the first nation to implement a Public Safety network, called FirstNet. Canada is also moving towards such a network, with many European countries also undertaking initiatives.

To prepare for those, the Base Camp Connect is equipped with routers having the Band 14 capacity built-in. For customers who purchased systems 5 years ago with systems not working on Band 14, an easy router upgrade is all that’s needed. For heavy data users, options like WAN bounding are also features that can be incorporated in the unit.

In addition to Public Safety Networks, the Base Camp Connect manages networks to allow maximum connection possibilities. Redundancy and automatic failover are standard to ensure continuity of operations.

Public/Private LTE, FirstNet, WiFi to WAN, Fiber, Satellite, DSL and Mesh/Microwave are some of the networks the Base Camp Connect recognizes to provide users a wireless or cabled Internet access without any interruption.

Users access and share data coming from video surveillance, drones, social media, maps, etc. with the possibility of doing so in a secured, encrypted environment. With Base Camp Connect, voice, data, and radio interoperability are all at your disposal with a 5-minute boot time.


Up to 2 simultaneous cellular networks in load balancing and 2 SIM Cards per modem (fallback).


Add a switch of 8 – 48 ports (PoE)


The WiFi you use for your building provides access to the router


Up to 128 connected devices


Choose different WAN Connections (DSL, Fiber, Satellite)