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COVID-19 - Resource Page

Base Camp Connect wishes to support the Canadian Emergency Management/Disaster Response Community the best it can. We’ll concentrate on customer experiences and scenarios where communications resiliency play a key role in helping you in your job.

The first example we have outlines how the Canadian Red Cross got organized to receive an inflow of calls during the Fort MacMurray Fires back in 2016. Understandably, an unusually high number of calls can make a system crash, so rerouting a hotline to a task-specific team is one way to free up your regular resources and increase efficiency and resiliency. 

Red Cross & Fort McMurray

Following the Red Cross Case Study, the second example we have is from Marathon County, WI, one of the first users of the BCC system. They installed their BCC in their mobile command trailer to respond directly at an incident site, with the ability to reroute a ‘tips hotline’ setup to search a missing person.

Marathon County, WI

The third example we have is for mobile hospitals. In this case, the Canadian Red Cross has built a hospital in a local arena to help the CIUSS de l’Ouest-de-l’île-de-Montréal. We will take you through the communication challenges that can occur in this type of mobile deployment.

Mobile Hospital in Montreal

The fourth example we have is for soldier deployments. In this case, soldiers from the Canadian Department of Defense have been relocated to different CHSLDs in Montreal to provide help.

Canadian Soldiers in Montreal CHSLDs

More coming soon.. 

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