Business Continuity Communications

From temporary office setups to hospital backup needs, Base Camp Connect will improve your communications resiliency.

business continuity communications

Plug n' play

BCC is so simple to set up that it doesn't require an IT specialist or a computer


Integrate a server to access your local data.

Business continuity communications can be complex and needs are varied: from temporary office setups to hospital backup needs, all are looking for ways to improve on their communications resiliency.

The communication needs are growing exponentially, as companies for example want the same capabilities they have at their head office while working from a trailer on a new construction site not yet equipped with high-speed communications.

The Base Camp Connect has the capacity to answer all those needs: The scalability of our product allows us to tailor it for hospital-specific voice and data needs on one version while creating a full office system including voice & data access, server mirroring, vpn, etc. for construction companies, all within the same physical footprint. 



BCC uses existing networks to provide voice to users on available extensionsLearn More


BCC provides a wireless or cable Internet access to the users without any interruptionLearn More


Interconnect up tp 10 Radio Networks with otherwise incompatible radiosLearn More


Discover how the Canadian Red Cross established a Temporary Call Center in Minutes with Base Camp Connect during Fort McFurray wildfires

Base Camp Connect empowers emergency managers by proposing communications go-kit that are simple to use, portable, configurable, and that doesn’t require training to operate them.


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