Best TED Talks about Emergency Management

Here are three very interesting videos about different fields of emergency management. You will find a short description of each video under every title.

Good viewing !

The Secret to Successful Crisis Management in the 21st Century :


Melissa Agnes, consultant in crisis management, raises several interesting points about :

– How real time and mobile technologies have changed the crisis management field. People now share on social medias what’s happening around them in a crisis even before calling for help.

– These technologies have created a new challenge for the emergency team which is to manage real time communication challenges besides the crisis operations.

– Nowadays, successful crisis management depends on: Team ability to manage those real time challenges

– Emergency teams must determine How, When and Where they have to communicate in a crisis.

How to step up in the face of disaster:


Following a tornado in Massachusetts, two sisters of the area took in charge the coordination of response disaster. Since then, they give some training to communities that get prepared for a disaster. See how they help their community after the tornado and tools that they have developed until now.

Digital humanitarianism:


See how our highly connected world has changed disaster response. How social medias and other technologies have become central to humanitarian aid especially in the case of the Haiti earthquake.

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