military communications BCC-MIL

JTIC-certified fully secured voice, radio, and data communications at the tactical edge

The BCC-MIL classified tactical communications go-kit starts with the core Base Camp Connect technology. stacked up with a REDCOM Slice 2100 that can function as a Local Session Controller and as a media gateway, supporting AS-SIP (line and trunk side), MLPP, TDM interfaces, IPv4/IPv6, and conferencing.

The DISA-approved Local Session Controller provides Multi-Level Precedence and Pre-emption (MLPP), including industry standard ANSI 619a, for comprehensive end-to-end war-fighter communications. This essential element of Command and Control ensures that the most important calls get through during critical situations.

BCC-MIL Classified Features


Deskphones, tactical phones, and softphones.

Radio Interoperability

5-radio interoperability unit with handset & speaker port for in-theatre encrypted-to-encrypted communications, without sharing keys. Voice bridge to the phone system.


Run the brigade operation with up to 128 users using the BCC-MIL.


35W power consumption, built-in UPS, 110 Lbs, custom-made for each customer.

Secure Tactical and Strategic Communications

Built for Joint Battle Command operations, the BCC-MIL classified enhanced with the class-leading REDCOM® SLICE® 2100, a product with a decades-long successful track record. Designed to be deployed in temporary bases and to work in denied environments, the BCC-MIL classified has already proven its value in International deployments.

REDCOM’s Advanced Secure Gateway provides secure conferencing between users on multi-technology networks, facilitating secure conferencing between Joint, NATO and Coalition Forces.

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