Voice and data are mission critical to public safety agencies. Therefore, they need a comprehensive communication solution eliminating downtime with the capacity to automate network failover.   

Base Camp Connect answer those needs by auto-managing connections to ensure continuous operations. Depending on department preferences, the unit can be configured to work on specific networks marked by priority, with fallback on other networks in the priority line should the higher priority network fail.

Here's an example of a user-preset priority:

Priority #1: Verizon Cellular Network

Priority #2: AT&T Cellular Network

Priority #3: Legacy

Priority #4: IP

Priority #5: Satellite dish or satellite phone

Automated failover router on bcc-em

If the Verizon cellular network goes down, BCC will automatically switch to the AT&T cellular network. If the AT&T cellular network goes down, BCC will automatically switch to Legacy and so on. At no time the user will need to make a manual intervention.

No matter what network/technology the Base Camp is operating on, it is still the same single inbound number to call in. In the event that no network is available, the Base Camp Connect acts as a local area network, enabling extensions to talk between themselves and radios to interoperate.