An interoperable technology for schools and emergency services

A company is currently commercializing a system that is intended to facilitate the contact between schools and first responders, which can be particularly relevant in the case of a school shooting.

This program, called the 911iNet, has been created by an ex-police chief and a 911 dispatcher. It works this way: If for example someone in a school hears a gun shot, he can push a button that will directly transmit the message to all the concerned parties: polices, firefighters, ambulances and deputies. The information from the teacher or any person in the school can also be processed to the first responders by text message. Thus, if people cannot call the emergency services for any reason, they will at least be able to communicate information through text messages.

The main challenge that 911 centers encounter when that kind of tragedy happens is they become overwhelmed with information that are not necessarily all relevant. With this system, the information is directly transmitted to responders, without going through the 911 dispatcher, which increase the speed of action. It’s a real-time messaging network between 911 centers and the first responders. According to the company, 911iNet allows «interoperability between public safety officials» which facilitates the communication between all implicated stakeholders. The mobile command unit can also share information in real time to everybody who is going to be implied in the emergency.

This technology is currently used in Indiana schools and the company hopes to extend their program to Georgia in a short-term. We can easily imagine that this technology could improve substantially the operations on the emergency.