3 websites that will change your way of seeing natural/man-made disasters

Every day, an important number of natural/man-made disasters and meteorological phenomenons take place around the world. We have picked out 3 websites that will allow you to see what’s happening on the international level in real time. You will probably be impressed by the important amount of events that is happening right now !

Natural/Man-Made Disasters: http://hisz.rsoe.hu/alertmap/index2.php#

Emergency and Disaster Information Service proposes a world map that allows you to obtain an overview of all the natural and man-made disasters that are currently taking place around the world. Thanks to the various icons, you can quickly identify the type of event. If you want more information about one type of disaster, you can browse through the different sections (earthquake, tsunami, volcano, tropical storm, etc.). This website has the advantage to list natural and man-made disasters on a unique platform.

mappe monde

Earthquake: www.earthquaketrack.com

Earthquake Track lists earthquakes from all around the world. For every seism, you will find information about the magnitude, the time at which it has arrived and the earthquake depth. You should try to observe the number of seisms recorded in the last few months in your area, you will probably be surprised by the number of listed events. For example, according to the Government of Canada, there are approximately 5 000 earthquakes every year.

You can also follow Earthquake Track on Twitter if you want to know in real time where the seisms occur.


earthquake track

Weather around the world: www.meteoearth.com

Meteo Earth allows you to see several meteorological phenomenons (temperature, tropical storm, atmospheric pressure, etc.) in a way that is different of traditional weather websites. Indeed, Meteo Earth presents the meteorological phenomenons that you have selected on a planet that rotates continuously, allowing you to compare what happens from one continent to another.

meteo earth

If you know other websites like these ones, please feel free to share them in the section Leave a Reply.

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